• Start design the right way

    Learn the high value techniques that encourage methodical UX and digital design process.

  • No more 'subjective' design

    Proven methods that transform design processes into a strategic and objective practice.

  • Create user-focused prototypes

    Learn how to create design concepts & prototypes that puts the end-user above everything else.

Who is it for?

With clear guidelines, not only a design process can be creative, but it’s also fast, efficient and practical.

This DESIGN program is designed for those with clear product goals, user goals and visual aspirations in mind. Here we’ll guide you through a proven rapid creative ideation, prototyping and user testing techniques, that will allow you and your team to come up with visual design concepts, specific and accurate enough to be tested against your ideal users.

• Entrepreneurs
• Product Managers
• Marketing Executives
• Designers
• Engineers / Developers
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Introducing Design

Program coming soon in late 2020

These principles are adapted by world's thought leaders

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From the instructor

Agency Principal at Relab Studios

Alvin Hermanto

Digital product management can often times be stressful, chaotic and full of unnecessary risks. As the agency principal of Relab – specifically in digital product strategy – I've experienced and witnessed these challenges in the past in all shapes and sizes. My team and I have encountered them so many times, that we've developed a set of key principles that are simple and practical to use, no matter what your background is.

These principles have seen us become one of Australia's leading digital design agency, with specific expertise awarded in digital retail and shopping.

I'd like to share these principles with you through our Relab Academy platform... Don’t worry, they are designed to be simple enough to pick up no matter if you’re a project manager, a student, a tradesperson or a stay-at-home mum.

I believe anyone should have the rights to be able to apply a low-risk, methodical, best practice approach – in their dream to launch their own digital product, like a mobile app or an eCommerce website.

I will take you through a step-by-step journey using the most simplest of terms and resources, so you can take away only the important aspects, without being clouded by unnecessary complexity.

The goal here is simple, it's to help you launch your project as fast as you can, without compromising quality, so at the end of the day you can finally take your idea into the market and make manageable, scalable improvements.

Let’s do this!